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Microsoft Corp. | Annual Report 2023

Through our Search, News, Mapping, and Browser services, Microsoft delivers unique trust, privacy, and safety features. In February 2023, we launched an all new, AI-powered Microsoft Edge browser and Bing search engine with Bing Chat to deliver better search, more complete answers, and the ability to generate content. Microsoft Edge is our fast and secure browser that helps protect users’ data. Quick access to AI-powered tools, apps, and more within Microsoft Edge’s sidebar enhance browsing capabilities. We are committed to designing and marketing first-party devices to help drive innovation, create new device categories, and stimulate demand in the Windows ecosystem. The Surface family includes Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and other Surface products. Microsoft continues to invest in gaming content, community, and cloud services. We have broadened our approach to how we think about gaming end-to-end, from the way games are created and distributed to how they are played, including subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and new devices from third-party manufacturers so players can engage across PC, console, and mobile. In January 2022, we announced plans to acquire Activision Blizzard, Inc., a leader in game development and an interactive entertainment content publisher.